“Since the early 1960s, TIW has been fabricating and erecting penstocks on projects all across Canada.”

Hydro Electric Penstocks

Decades of Experience


Our penstocks are designed, fabricated, and erected to precise specifications for maximum safety and lifespan.  Because penstocks play a critical role in helping water get to a powerhouse – the heartbeat of a hydroelectric facility, they are required to withstand high hydraulic pressure under both static and transient conditions.

As the size of the head and thickness of the penstock grows, rolling and welding of thick plates becomes more difficult. High tensile steels, multi-layered penstocks and banded or hooped penstocks are built to overcome these challenges.


Steel is the material of choice for construction of penstocks due to its durability. When they reach the end of their life – usually at around 50 to 100 years old – they often need to be abandoned or replaced – but the inaccessibility of these often makes this a challenging project.  TIW provides the technical expertise and practical knowledge to manage this task.

We’ve been fabricating and erecting penstocks since the early 1960s for a variety of contractors on projects across Canada. Since that period, welded steel penstocks have become widely popular over others. Easier to fabricate and erect, their lighter weight and lesser hydraulic losses are advantages. Design practices have also advanced to accommodate higher heads with larger capacity for power development.


Pre-assembly of Penstock Sections at Grade

Installation Variations

When hydro electric plants demand the most reliable, highly knowledgeable and professional contractor, we come through every time, far exceeding our client’s expectations to deliver a high quality, custom built product on time and on budget.

The type of penstock installation we use depends on your specific layout.

Surface Penstocks

Surface Penstocks

Steel conduit or pipe is laid, remaining exposed and supported above ground by saddle supports or ring girder supports.

Embedded Penstock

Embedded Penstocks

Steel conduit is embedded within a large mass of dam concrete, making it a water-tight membrane.

Buried Penstock

Buried Penstocks

The conduit is laid in open trenches before being backfilled with dirt.

In Tunnel Penstock

In Tunnel

An open tunnel surrounds the conduit, while pipe is supported similar to surface penstocks (backfilled with concrete).