Eight Ore Bins

A Rich History

Our highly specialized engineers are widely respected and recognized across the industry for developing the tubular ore conveyor, the most modern equipment for this type of service in its time.

As the use of tailings for underground backfill became more common within the industry, TIW worked with one of the largest Canadian mining companies to design, fabricate and field erect the necessary tanks to store the treated tailings before pumping the residue underground for backfill.

The company also played an integral role in Canada’s rapid emergence as a leading uranium producer, satisfying heavy demand for open top tanks, thickener tanks, ore bins and sulphuric acid storage tanks. We proudly contributed shop fabricated and field erected open top tanks, small and large diameter thickener tanks and huge capacity ore bins. Using our design, shop facilities and field crews, we successfully erected on time and on budget at the mine site.


At TIW, safety, quality and productivity go hand-in-hand

Safety Focus

With the high risks that are inherent in the industry, safety is our highest priority. That’s why we take our workers’ well being so seriously at the planning stage of a project. This means we implement and strictly adhere to customized safety plans for confined spaces, perform regular safety audits, and hire certified tradespeople with years of experience in the industry.  (Learn more about how we build safety into every project.)

As new mining communities develop, TIW is equipped to help the industry handle evolving challenges, providing highly skilled engineers, state-of-the-art fabrication and experienced field erectors. Today, we design a number of high quality products to stringent API and ASME standards to suit the mining industry’s ever-changing conditions and harsh environments.

Glossary / Related Terms

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Glossary / Related Terms

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