TIW MBB experts in complex installation strategy as shown here where our field crews are constructing HRSG Casing Modules for a large project

HRSG Repair & Maintenance Execution

Our experienced management and supervision team assess multiple action strategies to determine the most efficient work plan to minimize downtime and return the unit to peak production.

We deliver repair & maintenance services for all types of HRSG’s plus Co-Generation & Waste Heat Boilers. Whether you require the repair of a single coil leak, the repair or replacement of liner plates or the complete replacement of a module, MBB has the ability to provide supervision, project management and labour to execute this work in a timely manner in order to minimize your down time and loss of revenue.


Our repair teams are committed to 24/7 emergency repair services on HRSG’ and OTSG’s along with Boilers, heaters, and auxiliary equipment.

TIW Installation of HRSG Chrome Tubing found within various oem heat recovery steam generators

Conversant Across Varying OEM Designs

With the successful completion of numerous projects for many clients, we have gained invaluable experience in repairing and replacing internal pressure tubes of a multitude of OEM designs, ranging from 1” tubing up to 12” pipe; we’ve seen it all!

TIW Heat Recovery Maintenance Module Retube