Design Specifics

We’ve fabricated and constructed several cone bottom spheres with various sized diameters. The table below shows some some typical sizes based on diameter, number & size of columns and capacity in barrels

Typical Sizes

Diameter Number of Columns Size of Columns Capacity / Barrels
38′ 6 12″ 5,000
48′ 8 16″ 10,000
55′ 9 20″ 15,000
60′ 10 24″ 20,000
65′ 10 26″ 25,000
69′ 11 26″ 30,000
73′ 12 28″ 35,000
76′ 12 30″ 40,000
79′ 13 32″ 45,000
82′ 13 34″ 50,000


Our design engineers can customize a wide range of appurtenances on the interior and exterior of your cone bottom spheres. At our in-house, 200,000 sq ft material processing plant, we fabricate everything from nozzles, vents and piping to custom stairways and platforms.


Here are some typical components we design, fabricate and install on our ASME Hot Lime Softeners…

Internal Components

  • Integrated Liquid Level Gauges
  • Piping Systems

Fire Protection

  • Water Deluge Systems
  • Fixed Monitors
  • Fire Water Spray Systems

External Attachments

  • Nozzles (with flanges, elbows, couplings and more)
  • Valves for Pressure and Vacuum Relief
  • Stairways: Radial and Double Stringer Spiral Designs with Handrail Variations
  • Roof Platforms and ladders
  • Insulation Rings
  • Lightning Arrestors
  • Rescue Davits
  • Piping Supports, Cable Support Trays, Lifting and Grounding Lugs

Managed Services

Protective Coatings & Insulation

There are a wide variety of protective coating options that we can provide for corrosion prevention.  TIW can offer a variety of external coatings and interior lining.  We also offer alternate corrosion options such as hot dip galvanizing, coating over galvanized components and fireproof coating.

Shop Pre Coated ASME Shell PlateShop Pre-Coating

TIW can shop coat plates and appurtenances prior to shipping to site.  This can help offset the high prices of field coating and help minimize open-air blasting which can be environmentally prohibited in some project locations.


Galvanized NozzlesGalvanizing

We provide galvanizing of various components – from nozzles, piping and support clips to stairways and platforms. In some cases, both galvanizing and coating are applied providing a superior protection.

52' Diameter, ASME Hot Lime Softener

Exterior Coatings

These coatings are applied to the exterior of the vessel for corrosion protection and cosmetic appearance. Some typical coatings we use include:

  • High-performance epoxy primers and finish coatings
  • Inorganic zinc coatings
  • Holding primers
  • Acrylic polyurethane coatings
  • High-temperature coatings
Interior View

Interior Linings

The interior surface of the vessel can be partially and fully coated with a submersion grade epoxy lining. TIW removes all sharp edges before sandblasting any area, and can perform complete Holiday testing (to test for voids in the liner), prior to signing off on the lining. Typical linings used include:

  • Epoxy primers
  • Epoxy finish coatings
  • Holding primers
  • High temperature coatings
Insulated Hot Lime Softeners


When temperature control is required per design, TIW can supply and install a variety of mechanical insulation to meet the customer’s requirements. Insulation options can vary from the more common insulation batts with external cladding to prefabricated insulated panels. There are also different insulation and cladding material options.

Depending on design and temperature requirements, TIW can offer several insulation materials such as:

  • Fiberglass
  • Calcium silicate
  • Mineral wool
  • Cellular glass
  • Perlite
  • Polyisocyanurate
  • Thin blanket
  • Aerogel

Proven design, engineering, fabrication and construction experience

As Canada’s premier builder of tank and vessels, TIW has established itself as a dependable partner for high quality construction of specialty vessels in the oil sands industry.

Since constructing 4 large, 288-ft diameter “hot” (400°F) bitumen tanks in 1975 at a giant oil sands processing plant in Western Canada (reputed to be the largest “hot” tanks in the world at the time), we’ve continually improved our process, relentlessly improving efficiency and cost-effectiveness from the design phase through construction in the field.

Our crew of highly skilled quality control and safety personnel, field supervisors, and certified tradespeople ensure your project is a success from start to finish, while our technical expertise in design, engineering, fabrication, field erection, and repair allows us to provide extraordinary service.

Known throughout the industry for our in-depth knowledge, dedicated work ethic and stringent standards for safety and quality control, we deliver projects that exceed our clients’ highest expectations, on time and on budget.