Black Liquor Evaporator System

Years of Involvement

TIW’s proud history of serving the Pulp, Paper and Forestry industry dates back almost a century, when the world’s demand for newsprint surged to an all-time high, along with fine papers and hundreds of other paper products. As suppliers to many mills from coast to coast, we continue to contribute to this evolving industry.

At TIW, quality is built into everything we do. That’s why many North American firms who specialize in the design of pulp and paper machinery have come to us for our renowned expertise in fabrication of steel tanks for processing and storage of wood pulp, oil, acids, caustic, salt cake and alcohol. The well-known Swenson evaporator is an outstanding example.

Over the years, we’ve built and maintained many systems of all types whether it’s designing a black liquor evaporator or digester, or conducting repairs and creating a complete turnaround plan, we have the technical knowledge and years of experience to meet and exceed your expectations.

Field Erected Pressure Vessels

Project Execution

As new opportunities develop, TIW is equipped to help the industry seize them. TIW has automated welding systems specific to stainless steel which minimize costs and shorten project duration.  With an experienced team of planners, we develop site specific execution plans. This includes tanks and vessels in tight spaces both indoors and outdoors.

With the high risks that are inherent in the industry, safety is our highest priority. That’s why we take our workers well being so seriously at the planning stage of a project. This means we implement and strictly adhere to customized safety plans for confined spaces, perform regular safety audits, and hire certified tradespeople with years of experience in the industry.

Learn more about how we build safety into every project.

Glossary / Related Terms

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Glossary / Related Terms

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