Safe Demolition

Safety First

Tank maintenance and repairs are more than turning the clock back on years of damage. It also demands focus on safety, our first and foremost core value. Onsite, our experienced safety officers spend their time continually reviewing each task, process and piece of equipment to ensure our workers go home safely to their families. Partnered with our stringent practice of quality control, each repair job is completed to our high standards.

Whether your tank needs a minor tweak or a major overhaul, it’s best to contact an experienced specialist as soon as possible. Our experienced repair teams can help you find the right solutions.  For more information on Safety at TIW, see our Health, Safety & Environmental page.

Types of Tank Repairs

With more than a century of experience in the aboveground storage tank industry, we’ve performed numerous repairs and modifications on API tanks for a wide range of customers. From repairs to fixed roofs, floating decks, tank shells and structures to rim settlement corrections, modifications and capacity increases, our teams bring repair services to the next level in quality, experience, and professionalism.

  • General Repairs
    • Fixed-roof repairs and replacements
    • Floating roof repair
    • Tank shell & structure repair
    • In-service tank repairs
    • Tank bottom patches
    • Tank bottom replacements
    • Cone roof and structural repair and replacements
    • Buckled tank shell repairs
    • Sunken and collapsed floating roof repairs
    • Seals replacements and repairs
  • Jacking and Leveling
    • Correct tank rim settlement
    • Repair or replace tank floor plates
  • Modifications
    • Stairways
    • Cat-walks
    • Platforms
    • Hand rails
    • Rolling ladders
    • Stair treads
    • Shell nozzles
    • Manways
    • Piping
    • Heating systems (heating coils, glycol jackets, bayonet heaters)
    • Cone roof to internal/external floating roof
    • Internal/external floating roof to cone roof with under-structure
  • System Solutions
    • Floating roof retrofits
    • Floating deck drain systems
    • Fire fighting foam systems
    • Secondary containment tank bottoms
    • Secondary containment systems
    • Cathodic protection systems
    • Leak detection systems
    • Sample and instrumentation piping systems
    • Linear heat detection systems
    • Lightning protection
  • Capacity Increase
    • Additional shell courses
    • Floating roof replacements (steel pontoons to aluminum floaters)

Demolition & Tank Rebuild

Safe Tank Demolition The importance of safety during tank demolition can’t be overstated, and that’s why we have specific processes and protocols in place to ensure every team member is safe on the job. We’ve developed protocols for handling NORMS, pyrophorics, asbestos, silica, led paint, etc. From working in confined spaces to removing a 250 ft flare stack, TIW is well-known throughout the industry for its detailed execution plans and safe work practices.

With more than a century of construction experience for a wide range of clients, we’ve perfected the execution of these projects, continually improving our processes to improve efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Our experienced workforce brings years of specialized expertise to every project from concept to mechanical completion with zero compromise to safety.