288' x 48' High, API 650 Column Supported Cone Roof Hot (400°F) Bitumen Storage Tanks

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In 1975, we constructed 4 large 288 ft diameter “hot” (400°F) bitumen tanks for an oil sands processing plant in Western Canada.  At that time, they were reputed to be the largest “hot” tanks in the world. When the upgrader expansion was built, we again provided the largest oil storage tankage for the project.

Along with understanding the complexity of the industry’s changing landscape, we offer depth of experience in design and engineering, fabrication and construction, maintenance and repair of a wide range of tanks and vessels, tailored specifically for the industry.

When you work with us, you’re gaining a knowledgeable partner whose stellar safety record, firm commitment to providing the highest quality service, and expertise in cost-effective project management have made us a leader in steel tank fabrication for the Oil Sands.

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Glossary / Related Terms

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