Safety by Choice, Not Chance

In a chemical environment, safety is a critical aspect of project execution. With years of practical experience working in confined areas, we take every precaution to protect the safety of everyone onsite, from developing and implementing a comprehensive customized safety plan to wearing the most up to date Personal Protective Equipment available.

Our award winning stellar safety record, firm commitment to providing the highest quality service, and expertise in cost-effective project management have made us a sought-after provider of steel tank fabrication of chemical storage solutions.

Glossary / Related Terms

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Glossary / Related Terms

Low-Temp & Cryogenic StorageAPI 620, APP-R, Anhydrous Ammonia Tanks for a Fertilizer PlantTIW engineers, fabricates and erects API 620 tanks for low temp and cryogenic storage. Satisfying unique requirements for storage and…API 650 Tanks, Various ConfigurationsVarious Sized Large Diameter API 650 Open Top Floating Roof Tanks Nearing Completion by TIW Steel Platework Inc.TIW specializes in the engineering, fabrication and erection of large diameter aboveground storage tanks designed to API 650 standards. Our…Welded Bulk Storage Silos, Bins & Hoppers124' x 127' High, Alumina Silos for a Metals & Mining FacilityTIW designs, engineers, fabricates and constructs durable, high quality welded bulk storage silos, bins and hoppers for a number of…Storage SpheresEighteen, 63' 6" ASME Spheres for an LPG (Propane/Butane) Storage Facility and an AWWA D-100 Firewater Tank (Center)TIW designs, engineers, fabricates and constructs high quality pressurized ambient and low-temperature spheres for liquid and gas storage in the…Pressure VesselsConstruction of a Continuous-Digestor and High Density TankTIW comonly designs, fabricates and field erects pressure vessels for turnaround maintenance events in oil refineries along with the Oil…