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From cost competitiveness and environmental concerns to reliability of supply, Canada’s power & hydro electric industry is forced to adapt to serious challenges every day.

At TIW, we have the specialized experience in engineering, planning & estimating, project management, and fabrication and erection of custom built product, designed specifically to the unique needs of the power generation market. We are equipped to ensure we not only meet your expectations, but exceed them in every capacity.

On Site Fabrication of a Unique Section of the Penstock

Hydroelectric Penstocks

With expertise in fabricating and erecting penstocks as large as 30 feet in diameter, TIW specializes in helping hydroelectric plants and utilities overcome their capacity issues.

The need for experienced, knowledgeable partners in construction is always great, as erecting penstocks can be a complicated process depending on its size, location, geometric configuration, and other factors. This becomes even more crucial in remote areas, where harsh, unpredictable conditions often present many challenges in terms of planning and execution.

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Our commitment to Safety & Quality

Our stellar safety record and firm commitment to providing the highest quality of service are built into everything we do, while our highly qualified team of certified trades people and technical staff are here to provide professional advice and address your specific needs.

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Glossary / Related Terms

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