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A century ago, TIW established itself as a supplier of tankage, process vessels and related equipment to the petroleum industry, and since then has developed expertise in project management, shutdowns, and maintenance. We have an intimate understanding of the challenges our clients face. Combine this with our in-depth knowledge of refinery turnaround projects and maintenance events, technical experience in replacing and servicing vessels, and our unsurpassed ability to provide high quality service on an efficient timeline, and you have an indispensable partner who ensures your project is a success from day one.

Lift of New Section of FCCU, Reactor Head and Cyclone Assembly


When every day of non-production can cost you in excess of a million dollars, there’s no room for error – you need expert project management with comprehensive experience in turnaround maintenance to plan and execute your project on time and on budget.

For more than 100 years, TIW/MBB has served the industry’s top refineries, guiding them through the planning, execution and turnover of major projects and turnarounds. Safety and quality are core values built into every task, with customized plans developed for every job site. Our team utilizes its considerable experience and scheduling tools of the industry when planning each step of the work. Further, our site supervisors ensure our skilled workforce completes every task with precise attention to detail. From our fabrication shop to the field, we coordinate the people and resources to get the job done right and exceed our clients highest expectations.


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Our tank maintenance teams have the expertise to keep your tanks safe and up to par with today’s environmental standards. Whether you require a newly built system or a major rebuild or modification, we have the knowledge and expertise to repair equipment efficiently and minimize downtime, protecting your investment

Our in-house supervisors and inspectors are renowned for their years of experience and expertise in pressure vessel and API 653 tank repairs.  For details on these services and typical repairs we perform, see our Tank Maintenance and Repair Services page, or contact us today and ask to speak to one of our Sales specialists.

Petrochemical Storage Tank

Petrochemical Storage

TIW designs and fabricates aboveground storage tanks that can contain various energy-carrying fuels, including gasoline, jet fuel, diesel fuel, heating oil, and heavier fuel products such as asphalt, tar, paraffin wax, lubricating and other heavy oils.

At our 200,000 square foot Canadian facilities, we have the professional experience, extensive technical support staff and certified tradespeople trained on state-of-the-art equipment to fulfill your specific requirements. Executing projects in-house means we’re able to maintain tight control of all aspects, from the design phase through to fabrication and field erection.

As Canada’s premier tank builder, we retain top talent in design, engineering and construction with expertise on everything from sizing and design characteristics to structural details and coating options. Everything we do revolves around maximizing efficiency and reliability for our clients.

Glossary / Related Terms

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Glossary / Related Terms

Turnaround Projects & Maintenance EventsRefineries Turnaround Maintenance EventsThe success of a turnaround project depends on how effectively it’s managed, from the planning stage to the final turnover.…Tank Maintenance & Repair ServicesTank Rebuild After DemolitionTIW is renowned for its expertise in repairing API tanks and ASME Pressure Vessels at petrochemical plants, refineries and tank…API 650 Tanks, Various ConfigurationsVarious Sized Large Diameter API 650 Open Top Floating Roof Tanks Nearing Completion by TIW Steel Platework Inc.TIW specializes in the engineering, fabrication and erection of large diameter aboveground storage tanks designed to API 650 standards. Our…Low-Temp & Cryogenic StorageAPI 620, APP-R, Anhydrous Ammonia Tanks for a Fertilizer PlantTIW engineers, fabricates and erects API 620 tanks for low temp and cryogenic storage. Satisfying unique requirements for storage and…Large-Scale Multi-Tank ProjectsLarge-scale Multi-tank ProjectTIW is highly specialized when it comes to large diameter multi-tank projects. To be successful in this market requires an…Aboveground Water Storage TanksAir Raising a Self Supporting Umbrella RoofTIW designs, engineers, fabricates and constructs high quality water storage tanks for potable storage, water treatment, and various industrial applications,…Storage SpheresEighteen, 63' 6" ASME Spheres for an LPG (Propane/Butane) Storage Facility and an AWWA D-100 Firewater Tank (Center)TIW designs, engineers, fabricates and constructs high quality pressurized ambient and low-temperature spheres for liquid and gas storage in the…Pressure VesselsConstruction of a Continuous-Digestor and High Density TankTIW comonly designs, fabricates and field erects pressure vessels for turnaround maintenance events in oil refineries along with the Oil…

Did You Know?

TIW is proud to hold the distinction of being one of the first fabricating shops in Canada to manufacture flanged and dished heads for pressure vessels!