MBB Power Servicesa division of TIW Steel Platework Inc.

MBB Power Services operates as an integral services division of TIW, experienced in all aspects of the ASME Code systems and requirements as they pertain to boilers, piping and pressure vessels.  Our specialized services include Fired Heater and Furnace Repair & Installation, Boiler and Heater Services, HRSG services and OTSG services.

We deliver fully integrated field repair and construction services including project management, planning, scheduling, engineering, quality control and supervision of multi-trade work forces all across North America.


Installation and repair of OTSG, HRSG, Furnaces, Boilers and auxiliary equipment

including piping, duct work, air heaters etc.

MBB Power Services Hoisting of Replacement Convection Section for Reformer Furnace

Fired Heater and Furnace Repair & Installation

For decades, we have repaired, maintained and successfully refurbished numerous reformer furnaces which include a complete replacement of radiant coils including hangers and thermocouples, the removal and replacement of the convection section, refractory as well as the temporary removal of the stack and transition ducting.


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Installation  ●  Maintenance  ●  Refurbishment  ●  Repair

MBB Power Services New Furnace Installation Radiant Assembly

Boiler and Heater Services

We provide repair and maintenance services for all types of pressure vessels plus Cogeneration and Waste Heat Boilers. Whether you require the repair of a single coil leak, or replacement of liner plates or even the complete replacement of a module, we will execute this work in a timely manner in order to minimize your down time and loss of revenue.


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Assembly  ●  Installation  ●  Turnaround Maintenance  ●  Emergency Repair

MBB Power Services New HRSG Installation Complete with Diverter Stack

HRSG Services

For decades, we’ve provided repair & maintenance services for all types of HRSGs. Our industry leading expertise in the oil & power sector allows us to plan extremely complex projects to be completed safely within schedule and budget constraints.


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Installation  ●  Maintenance  ●  Refurbishment  ●  Emergency Repair

MBB Power Services New Double Stack OTSG Installation

OTSG Services

For more than 20 years we’ve been erecting and assembling Once Through Steam Generators (OTSG) and Once Through Hot Water Generators (OTHWG) for a multitude of SAGD projects used for extraction of bitumen.


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Installation  ●  Maintenance  ●  Refurbishment  ●  Emergency Repair

MBB Power Services Safety huddle

Our Safety, Quality and Capabilities Set Us Apart

Our principal responsibility is to the safety of our employees.  Health and Safety Program is audited in Alberta under the COR program (Alberta Construction Safety Association) and by the IEC (Injury prevention through Partnership) in Ontario. People are our most important resource and we are committed to protecting them.

We strive to consistently deliver exceptional quality and value. Our Quality Control Department operates independently of field services and through strong communication and interaction, ensures that we adhere to the highest industry standards.

Holding multiple ASME certifications including the S, A, PP U and U2 stamps we are also certified to perform boiler repairs under the National Board R stamp. Our Quality Program is approved within several jurisdictional authorities internationally.