About TIW

Company Overview

TIW Steel Platework Inc. is part of the Canerector Inc. group of companies. The group is engaged in the fabrication, construction and distribution sectors of the steel industry.  TIW delivers multi-trade installation, maintenance and repair services and is a fully integrated unit of engineering, procurement and construction of field erected steel platework structures.

Originally known as The Toronto Iron Works Company, TIW was established in 1907 as a supplier of tankage, process vessels and related equipment to the petroleum industry.  The Company’s expertise in steel platework has since established it as a leading supplier to petrochemical, mining, power generation and numerous other industries.

The nature of TIW work requires an extensive technical support staff which is fully conversant with the applicable building codes and standards.  Over numerous decades the company has developed custom work procedures and retained professional experts which are key to the company’s successful operation.  We would be pleased to assist you with your needs and thank you for your interest in our company.

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For the duration of every project, safety and quality are part of our core values and are built into everything we do. We retain top talent in design and engineering and employ certified welders, quality control and technical staff to not only meet, but continually exceed client expectations in every capacity from the first point of contact.

As an ISO-certified company, we’ve implemented a quality management system designed to ensure our manufacturing processes, procedures and documentation help us achieve the highest standards of customer satisfaction and meet the specific requirements of the International Organization for Standardization.

Whether you require a large-scale multi-tank project, an economical turnkey solution, well-executed maintenance and repair services or a complete demolition and rebuild, we’re prepared to help you plan a successful project from day one.



TIW brings a broad suite of products and services ranging from the installation, repair and modification of API tanks, ASME pressure vessels, OTSGs, HRSGs, Furnaces, Boilers and auxiliary equipment to the new construction of API tanks, silos, penstocks, ASME storage spheres and pressure vessels.

Our extensive experience in successful turnaround maintenance projects partnered with our subject matter expertise in boilers, tanks, vessels and custom steel plate products has expanded our product line and services across numerous industries.  From power generation, oil sands, petrochemical, and mining to pulp and paper, waste water, and alternative renewable fuels, TIW provides high quality, custom solutions that satisfy our client’s most stringent requirements.

TIW brings over 114 years of industry expertise and delivers comprehensive project management services and turnkey solutions to clients across a wide range of industries, including:

TIW Steel Platework - Storage Terminals & Pipelines


TIW Steel Platework - Petrochemical & Refining


TIW Steel Platework - Oil Sands Projects

Oil Sands

TIW Steel Platework - Liquid Gas & Cryogenic Storage

Liq. Gas

TIW Steel Platework - Power & Hydro Electric


TIW Steel Platework - Mining, Minerals & Metals


TIW Steel Platework - Aviations Fuel Tanks

Av. Fuel

TIW Steel Platework - Ind. Water Supply & Fire Protection


TIW Steel Platework - Wastewater & Biological Treatment


TIW Steel Platework - Pulp/Paper & Forestry


TIW Steel Platework - Food & Beverage Processing



Our Mission

TIW Steel Platework Inc. is a leader in tank repairs, maintenance and construction of API tanks for terminals and tank farms as shown in this aerial picture

To be North America's leader in turnaround, repair and EPC tank projects

When you contact the team at TIW Steel Platework we deliver excellence to your field projects

Exceed our customers’ expectations


Maintain the highest standards

Core Values


Our core values govern the way we work and how our organization operates. These are at the heart of everything we do, providing a framework for leadership and daily decisions made as an organization and as individuals.  We’ve provided a list of our seven core values with definition and details of implementation below.

Safety  ●  Quality  ●  Ethics and Integrity  ●  Continuous Improvement  ●  Professionalism  ●  Cost Effective Project Management  ●  Culture

TIW Steel Platework Inc Core Values Icons

Our Definitions


Safety is our first and most important core value; it is built into everything we do.  It’s our goal to have an accident and injury free workplace and ensure everyone goes home safely at the end of the work day.

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    • Develop and implement a safety plan for every job site
    • Train our workers on each piece of equipment used throughout the shop and in the field, and equip them with the most up to date Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to protect their personal safety on the job
    • Ensure workers obtain and maintain all certifications required to perform the job safely
    • Ensure all workers understand and exercise their right to stop work at any time due to unsafe conditions
    • Hold regular safety meetings to ensure all employees are up-to-date on current issues and dangers (regular meetings on the shop floor and in the field)
    • Follow all government rules and regulations concerning the safety of workers


When you work with us, you’ll soon understand quality is more than a motto or even a policy at TIW – it’s a philosophy, a culture and a mindset. From our president to the welders on the shop floor and our staff in the field, every one of our people goes above and beyond contract stipulations to ensure our clients are satisfied.

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    • Provide high-quality products and services with passion and enthusiasm
    • Employ in-house quality control staff to develop, document and implement quality control plans that establish clear, measurable quality standards for every project, regardless of size or dollar value
    • Meet and exceed our own benchmarks and clients’ expectations at every stage of a project, from sales and contracts to design, engineering, fabrication and field erection
    • Work collaboratively with clients’ quality control staff
    • Ensure all documentation and quality control plans are followed to the letter, on every project

Ethics and Integrity

Doing business with integrity is at the heart of who we are as a company. It means treating our employees and everyone we encounter with honesty and respect, and prioritizing our clients’ interests over our profit margins.

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    • Honour our commitments to clients, subcontractors, stakeholders and others
    • Conduct contract negotiations in good faith, always keeping the client’s interest at top of mind
    • Solicit bids from subcontractors and disclose information in a courteous, fair, transparent and professional manner
    • Take ownership of any errors or omissions on our part and commit ourselves to rectifying them completely, to the client’s satisfaction
    • Refuse any special offers, favours or gifts from suppliers, customers or others that could be construed as a conflict of interest and undermine our ability to act objectively
    • Design with integrity - design to industry standards, best practices, never taking shortcuts or compromising on the safety of a structure.

Continuous Improvement

There’s no room for complacency at TIW. We truly believe our credibility and our clients’ profitability is at stake on every project, and treat our work accordingly. That’s why we’re always asking how we can improve to become more productive, cost-effective and competitive. Whether it’s digitizing our files, improving the design of our products or making additions to safety and quality plans, we’re continually improving every aspect of how we operate.

Meeting for Continuous Improvement

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    • Review each project after completion to assess what went well and what we can improve on in all facets, from sales and contracts, design and engineering to production and field operations
    • Hold weekly meetings with management across all departments to facilitate regular communication regarding ongoing issues and project updates
    • Solicit regular feedback from clients regarding each project overall, as well as quality, safety and production issues
    • Streamline sales processes as required, to operate as productively and efficiently as possible
    • Digitize files for easy, secure access by TIW management and staff, whether they’re at the office or onsite to improve communication and efficiency
    • Constantly seek to improve our estimating software and procedures, streamline bid documents and improve our technology to ensure we’re as precise and as competitive as possible
    • Routinely review and negotiate purchase agreements with current vendors and suppliers (and release requests for proposals for new vendors and suppliers if required) to receive the best possible price
    • Continually analyze, review and measure standards and outcomes to maintain ISO certification


Conducting ourselves professionally in the boardroom, with clients and onsite is a basic tenet of how we operate at TIW. From treating everyone we encounter with courtesy and respect to ensuring we’re on track with project timelines and budgets, we’re committed to demonstrating this critical trait.

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    • Develop highly detailed project, quality and safety plans to ensure our timelines and budgets in the field match our stated commitments
    • Treat colleagues, clients, subcontractors, stakeholders and all others in a courteous and respectful manner
    • Approach all problems as “our problems”, and tackle them using a team-oriented approach in partnership with the client, from the shop to the field, onsite issues, and more
    • Maintain a safe, organized work area in the shop and onsite
    • Supply and use all necessary safety equipment at all times
    • Adhere to the highest standards of quality in terms of bid submission, contracts, design, engineering, fabrication and construction
    • Maintain relevant professional, quality and safety accreditations
    • Resolve any and all conflicts calmly and rationally, with the goal of finding a solution everyone is satisfied with

Cost Effective Project Management

At TIW, we embed economical and cost-effective project management practices into our daily routine, since our survival as a company depends on saving our clients time and money. From monitoring and inspections to quality and safety plans, we use our proven expertise in project management to track every project down to the hour and every expense down to the last penny to be as efficient as possible with our clients’ budgets.

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    • Use scheduling and cost-tracking software programs Primavera and our own proprietary forecasting software to ensure timelines and budgets align with commitments and client expectations
    • Assess each project on an individual basis and propose the most appropriate contract type and cost control measures
    • Re-evaluate design, engineering and fabrication processes for cost-effectiveness as required (e.g.: increasing the size of steel plates used to build our tanks to save on time and labour costs)
    • Hold weekly production meetings with all members of our management team to review issues that impact the production process on our ongoing projects (e.g.: changes in production plans, materials, schedules, budgets, etc.)
    • Maintain fluid scheduling and project timelines, so any changes are implemented immediately following consultation with client
    • Maintain relationships with a network of unions across the country employing certified, specialized and experienced trades people
    • Schedule the optimal amount of manpower and equipment over the duration of the project


From welders to quality control staff, engineers and management, every one of us influences the future direction of our company. Building a positive culture that ensures employees feel engaged and inspired to do their best work takes years, and we work hard to maintain it.

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    • Provide a safe, positive work environment
    • Communicate transparently about issues and concerns, from personnel to production, safety and others
    • Debate ideas for improvement based on merit, cost-effectiveness and potential to increase growth and productivity
    • Recognize our employees’ talents, achievements and contributions
    • Celebrate our successes as a team
    • Solve problems with team-oriented, collaborative approaches
    • Ensure all new employees align with our existing values and culture
    • Offer generous leave-of-absence benefits