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Among TIW’s most intricate products are low temperature and cryogenic storage tanks and spheres. Each product is engineered to specific pressure (refrigerated and ambient) and storage capacity.  Often used for liquid gases at both ambient and low temperatures, common products stored include Naphtha, Propane, Propylene, Ethane, Butane as well as natural gases such as oxygen, hydrogen, helium, argon & nitrogen.

API 620, APP Q, Cryogenic LOX Tank, Double Wall

Project Execution

API 620, APP Q, LOX Double Wall, Air Liquide

Cryogenic LOX Storage Double Walled Tank

Our qualified team of certified tradespeople and technical staff are here to address your specific needs. Having a rich heritage of design engineering expertise partnered with quality fabrication and field erection we are well suited for the unique challenges of the industry.

Over the years, TIW’s industry leading safety record, firm commitment to providing the highest quality service, and expertise in cost-effective project management have made us a key provider of steel tank fabrication and erection of liquid gas and cryogenic storage solutions.

Spherical Storage

73' Diameter ASME SpheresWith years of experience in spherical design and engineering to ASME standards, we’ve fabricated and constructed several variations of spheres with diameters ranging from 40 to 77 ft diameters in Canada and internationally in Guatemala, Mexico, Peru and overseas in Spain and India.

From Radial Stairs, Water deluge systems, piping, fire water spray systems, Insulation, coatings, to valves for pressure and vacuum relief, TIW is a trusted fabricator of a wide range of components for spherical storage solutions.

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Glossary / Related Terms

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