Our Philosophy

Each employee is accountable for their personal safety and the safety of those around them on every job we work together, 365 days a year. Every time we plan a project, pick up a tool or turn on a piece of equipment, we consciously practice safety. Each small action we take contributes to the overall safety of our workforce.

At TIW, safety, quality and productivity go hand-in-hand; we’ve proven that as our health and safety practices improve, so do results. From analyzing workplace hazards to creating a customized safety plan for every job, conducting ongoing training and giving employees, partners and subcontractors stop work authority, we foster an exceptional safety culture.

Beyond adhering to government safety regulations and industry standards, everyone from the president to our employees and the certified tradespeople we hire commits to communicating proactively and taking every precaution to ensure their own and others’ safety.

This Safety Program does not take precedence over provincial O. H. & S. Regulations.

Construction of a 40' Diameter x 96' High Coke Silo at at Refinery

Safety Policy

The senior management of TIW Steel Platework Inc. believes that a truly professional and successful company must have a good safety record including the protection and preservation of the natural environment. Therefore, we endorse our Safety Program as the framework within, and thus shall execute our work in the pursuit of a safety performance that will further reduce our accident frequency – the objective being a frequency of zero.

In order to achieve this objective we insist on the involvement and co-operation of Company employees (and subcontractors) at all levels. Human suffering and damage to property and equipment can be avoided. We have the expertise to accomplish this and herewith commit our intent to do so.

Management and field supervision are responsible for providing and maintaining a safe and healthy work environment. Employees and subcontractors are responsible for proper conduct accordingly.

All Employees and subcontractors are expected to be familiar with, and work within the Company’s Safety Program, the Provincial Health and Safety Act, Regulations and Guidelines pertaining to their work.

Ongoing Environmental Commitment

Our Commitment

Along with ensuring health and safety in the workplace, TIW’s ownership, management and employees care for our environment and take action to ensure we leave a legacy our children can be proud of. Environmental safety goes hand in hand with occupational health and safety, and that’s why we take specific measures to protect the communities we live in.

Our environmentally friendly mindset is firmly entrenched in everything we do, from improving the efficiency of our buildings to implementing best practices and highlighting issues during daily discussions with workers.

API 650 Field Erection Environmental Commitment

Plan of Action

From our site personnel to top management, we are committed to continuously improving our facilities, equipment and work procedures to mitigate negative impacts on our environment.

To accomplish this we…

  • Continuously exchange harmful products with environmentally friendly solutions when available (e.g. tool cleaning)
  • Supply spill kits as a common feature for all parked or stationary vehicles (e.g. cranes, trucks, aerial work platforms)
  • Build drip pans into generators and compressors
  • Use dedicated waste barrels for all hazardous materials, which are then removed by licensed dealers
  • Use smoke eaters in the shop to reduce harmful emissions from our processes
  • Upgrade all exterior and office lighting to LED for improved efficiency
  • Highlight the need for environmental safety and specific actions workers should take

For more information, call us today and ask to speak with our Environment Health & Safety department.

Certifications & Memberships

TIW Steel Platework Inc. is certified to the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System.  As such, the Company has Quality System Manuals for Policy, Procedures and Work Instructions, which are applied to the conduct of business.

Further, the Company is accredited by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers for the shop construction and field assembly of “U” stamped pressure vessels, and by the National Board Inspection Code (“R” stamp) for the repairs and alterations to pressure retaining items.  TIW’s written Quality Control Program is also registered with Canadian jurisdictions in accordance with CSA Standard B51. The company can meet the requirements of the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code and perform in accordance with the requirements of the National Board.

ASME pressure vessels, as well as API and AWWA storage tanks are built in accordance with a contract specific Quality Assurance Plan which is created by TIW’s Quality Department and submitted to the client for review, approval and insertion of their inspection requirements.  The purpose of the Quality Assurance Plan is to summarize and document the application of client specifications, TIW standards and Industry standards as required.

Safety is a Core Value to TIW

Core Value


Safety Core Value Icon

Safety is our first and most important core value; it is built into everything we do.  It’s our goal to have an accident and injury free workplace and ensure everyone goes home safely at the end of the work day.

  • Click here to see how we accomplish this core value.
    • Develop and implement a safety plan for every job site
    • Train our workers on each piece of equipment used throughout the shop and in the field, and equip them with the most up to date Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to protect their personal safety on the job
    • Ensure workers obtain and maintain all certifications required to perform the job safely
    • Ensure all workers understand and exercise their right to stop work at any time due to unsafe conditions
    • Hold regular safety meetings to ensure all employees are up-to-date on current issues and dangers (regular meetings on the shop floor and in the field)
    • Follow all government rules and regulations concerning the safety of workers