Lining an Existing Carbon Steel Distilling Tank

Quality Fabrication & Handling

You need experts well-versed in handling, care and treatment of stainless steel to guarantee its integrity. That’s why we take special precautions during our in-house fabrication process to store, wash, handle, clean and passivate this versatile material. From the first pieces we weld in the shop to the time we install your finished product, we follow rigorous quality control procedures to ensure we build the highest quality final product

Helping You Choose The Right Solution

For several decades, we’ve worked closely with distilleries and breweries, supplying fermenters, mash and lauter tuns, liquid sugar storage tanks, hot water storage tanks, alcohol storage tanks, sulfuric acid tanks, etc. Understanding of the ever-evolving challenges in the food and beverage industry, TIW brings many years of valuable expertise in the design, engineering, fabrication and on site project execution from concept to completion.