TIW Steel Platework - Alternative Renewable Fuels

Alternative Renewable Fuels

Protecting the environment has been a focus of successive Canadian governments for years, driving the requirements for a percentage of ethanol and biodiesel to be blended with traditional fuels to reduce the impact of vehicle emissions on our environment.

TIW Steel Platework - Aviations Fuel Tanks

Aviation Fuel Tanks

A serious concern in storing aviation fuel is preventing contamination. Since bacterial growth and gumming can easily occur if jet fuel tanks are contaminated by water, you need high quality storage solutions designed to provide a lifetime of protection.

TIW Steel Platework - Chemical


Producers of industrial chemicals require high quality, custom storage solutions to fulfill their precise requirements. TIW takes pride in its long association with the chemical industry and has served many high-profile companies, providing a range of services from complete in-house fabrication to turnkey solutions and project management.

TIW Steel Platework - Food & Beverage Processing

Food & Beverage Processing

TIW supplies site-constructed storage tanks & silos to large breweries, distilleries and beverage producers. Given the importance of sanitation and product quality in the Food and Beverage industry our stainless steel linings have become popular as manufacturers phase out older carbon steel and epoxy lined vessels.

TIW Steel Platework - Ind. Water Supply & Fire Protection

Ind. Water Supply & Fire Protection

In petrochemical, chemical, and various industrial processing facilities, having high quality, reliable storage solutions for water supply and fire protection purposes is critical to the safe operation of your plant. The sudden nature and grave danger inherent in any fire-related emergency means every second counts when it comes to saving lives and property.

TIW Steel Platework - Liquid Gas & Cryogenic Storage

Liquid Gas & Cryogenic Storage

Among TIW’s most intricate products are low temperature and cryogenic storage tanks and spheres. Each product is engineered to specific pressure (refrigerated and ambient) and storage capacity.

TIW Steel Platework - Mining, Minerals & Metals

Mining, Minerals & Metals

TIW has long served the Canadian mining industry providing high quality engineering and shop fabrication of various process tanks, agitator tanks, clarifies and dry product silos, as well as trained erection crews with the field equipment essential to a well-executed project.

TIW Steel Platework - Oil Sands Projects

Oil Sands & SAGD Projects

In the face of shifting production yields, lower crude prices, environmental impacts and ever-evolving markets and technologies, owners of oil sands and terminals must operate at peak efficiency and reduce costs to survive in the Canadian Oil Sands industry.

TIW Steel Platework - Petrochemical & Refining

Petrochemical / Refining

A century ago, TIW established itself as a supplier of tankage, process vessels and related equipment to the petroleum industry, We’ve since developed expertise in project management, shutdowns, and maintenance. When every day of non-production can cost you in excess of a million dollars, there’s no room for error.

TIW Steel Platework - Power & Hydro Electric

Power & Hydro Electric

From cost competitiveness and environmental concerns to reliability of supply, Canada’s power & hydro electric industry is forced to adapt to serious challenges every day.

TIW Steel Platework - Pulp/Paper & Forestry

Pulp / Paper & Forestry

The Pulp, Paper and Forestry industry has seen monumental transformation in the last 30 years. Now more than ever, those who continue to thrive require long-lasting, dependable equipment coupled with highly skilled, certified professionals prepared to deliver first-class service.

TIW Steel Platework - Storage Terminals & Pipelines

Storage Terminals & Pipelines

Owning or operating a network of storage terminals and pipelines is an expensive, complex proposition – you depend on safe, reliable storage facilities year-round to serve your customers in the petroleum industry.

TIW Steel Platework - Wastewater & Biological Treatment

Wastewater & Biological Treatment

The complex process of biological wastewater treatment requires durable, dependable equipment to both treat and store wastewater. TIW designs and fabricates high quality,aboveground storage tanks used throughout the wastewater treatment process.