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Welcome to TIW Steel Platework Inc.

TIW Steel Platework Inc. is part of the Canadian Erectors group of companies. The group is engaged in the fabrication, construction and distribution sectors of the steel industry. TIW is a fully integrated unit of design, manufacture, and construction of field erected steel platework structures. 

Originally known as The Toronto Iron Works Company, TIW was established in 1907 as a supplier of tankage, process vessels and related equipment to the petroleum industry.The Company's expertise in steel platework has since established it as a leading supplier to the pulp and paper, chemical, mining and numerous other industries.

The nature of TIW work requires an extensive technical support staff which is fully conversant with the applicable building codes and standards. Over numerous decades the company has developed custom work procedures and retained professional experts which are key to the company's successful operation. We would be pleased to assist you with your needs and thank you for your interest in our company.

Safety Policy

The senior management of TIW Steel Platework Inc. believes that a truly professional and successful company must have a good safety record including the protection and preservation of the natural environment.  Therefore, we endorse our Safety Program as the framework within which we will execute our work in the pursuit of a safety performance that will further reduce our accident frequency - the objective being a frequency of zero.

In order to achieve this objective we insist on the involvement and co-operation of Company employees (and subcontractors) at all levels.  Human suffering and damage to property and equipment can be avoided.  We have the expertise to accomplish this and herewith commit our intent to do so.

Management and field supervision are responsible for providing and maintaining a safe and healthy work environment. Employees and subcontractors are responsible for proper conduct accordingly.

All Employees and subcontractors are expected to be familiar with, and work within the Company's Safety Program, the Provincial Health and Safety Act, Regulations and Guidelines pertaining to their work.


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