Time Lapse of 3 Tank Expansion

Inter Pipeline’s $60-million 3-tank expansion project in Kerrobert, Saskatchewan is yet another successful project for TIW.

The expansion project is now Inter Pipeline’s largest crude oil storage location and was highlighted in a YouTube video posted on Inter Pipeline’s channel. The time lapse video runs just under 2 minutes and gives the viewer a tour of the monumental site in the west-central region of the province.

Time Lapse Video

Press play and you’ll learn the following statistics about the project:


  • 250,000 tons of clay and gravel were used to build the foundation
  • Sitting on top of the foundation is a deep network of stone columns that support the tanks
  • Vapors and emissions are controlled using a sandborn aluminum roof, which floats on top of the oil
  • 1,845 tons of steel were used to construct the tanks
  • 170,000 man hours were spent
  • The three tanks hold 400,000 barrels of oil (combined total)
  • Each of the three tanks can weigh up to 20,000 tons fully loaded. They stand over 15 metres tall and spans a massive 42 metres wide

Thanks to a comprehensive planning strategy and solid partnerships with several sub-contractors, we were able to successfully complete the project on an accelerated timeline, while maintaining our high standards for quality, workmanship and safety.



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3 Tank Expansion Project


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