Professionalism Core Value Icon

Conducting ourselves professionally in the boardroom, with clients and onsite is a basic tenet of how we operate at TIW. From treating everyone we encounter with courtesy and respect to ensuring we’re on track with project timelines and budgets, we’re committed to demonstrating this critical trait.

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    • Develop highly detailed project, quality and safety plans to ensure our timelines and budgets in the field match our stated commitments
    • Treat colleagues, clients, subcontractors, stakeholders and all others in a courteous and respectful manner
    • Approach all problems as “our problems”, and tackle them using a team-oriented approach in partnership with the client, from the shop to the field, onsite issues, and more
    • Maintain a safe, organized work area in the shop and onsite
    • Supply and use all necessary safety equipment at all times
    • Adhere to the highest standards of quality in terms of bid submission, contracts, design, engineering, fabrication and construction
    • Maintain relevant professional, quality and safety accreditations
    • Resolve any and all conflicts calmly and rationally, with the goal of finding a solution everyone is satisfied with