Cost Effective Project Management

Cost Effective Project Management Core Value Icon

At TIW, we embed economical and cost-effective project management practices into our daily routine, since our survival as a company depends on saving our clients time and money. From monitoring and inspections to quality and safety plans, we use our proven expertise in project management to track every project down to the hour and every expense down to the last penny to be as efficient as possible with our clients’ budgets.

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    • Use scheduling and cost-tracking software programs Primavera and our own proprietary forecasting software to ensure timelines and budgets align with commitments and client expectations
    • Assess each project on an individual basis and propose the most appropriate contract type and cost control measures
    • Re-evaluate design, engineering and fabrication processes for cost-effectiveness as required (e.g.: increasing the size of steel plates used to build our tanks to save on time and labour costs)
    • Hold weekly production meetings with all members of our management team to review issues that impact the production process on our ongoing projects (e.g.: changes in production plans, materials, schedules, budgets, etc.)
    • Maintain fluid scheduling and project timelines, so any changes are implemented immediately following consultation with client
    • Maintain relationships with a network of unions across the country employing certified, specialized and experienced trades people
    • Schedule the optimal amount of manpower and equipment over the duration of the project