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Talk to any TIW employee and you’ll hear they stay because their contributions are appreciated, they’re treated like family and they feel trusted, fulfilled and challenged in their roles.

From welders to quality control staff, engineers and management, every one of us influences the future direction of our company. Building a positive culture that ensures employees feel engaged and inspired to do their best work takes years, and we work hard to maintain it.

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    • Provide a safe, positive work environment
    • Communicate transparently about issues and concerns, from personnel to production, safety and others
    • Debate ideas for improvement based on merit, cost-effectiveness and potential to increase growth and productivity
    • Recognize our employees’ talents, achievements and contributions
    • Celebrate our successes as a team
    • Solve problems with team-oriented, collaborative approaches
    • Ensure all new employees align with our existing values and culture
    • Offer generous leave-of-absence benefits