Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement Core Value Icon

There’s no room for complacency at TIW. We truly believe our credibility and our clients’ profitability is at stake on every project, and treat our work accordingly. That’s why we’re always asking how we can improve to become more productive, cost-effective and competitive. Whether it’s digitizing our files, improving the design of our products or making additions to safety and quality plans, we’re continually improving every aspect of how we operate.

Meeting for Continuous Improvement

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    • Review each project after completion to assess what went well and what we can improve on in all facets, from sales and contracts, design and engineering to production and field operations
    • Hold weekly meetings with management across all departments to facilitate regular communication regarding ongoing issues and project updates
    • Solicit regular feedback from clients regarding each project overall, as well as quality, safety and production issues
    • Streamline sales processes as required, to operate as productively and efficiently as possible
    • Digitize files for easy, secure access by TIW management and staff, whether they’re at the office or onsite to improve communication and efficiency
    • Constantly seek to improve our estimating software and procedures, streamline bid documents and improve our technology to ensure we’re as precise and as competitive as possible
    • Routinely review and negotiate purchase agreements with current vendors and suppliers (and release requests for proposals for new vendors and suppliers if required) to receive the best possible price
    • Continually analyze, review and measure standards and outcomes to maintain ISO certification